Appleton Thorn Village Hall


Race Night
Saturday 10th February 2018 - 8pm

Race Horse Night. Please check back soon for details on this event.

BBQ's in 2018
Put these dates in your diary - all on Sunday's

1st April - Easter Sunday
6th May
3rd June
1st July
5th August
2nd September

We supply the heat - you supply the food, salad and bread.

The coals will be lit at 3pm'ish - ready to cook your food 30 minutes later.

Bawming Day 2018
Saturday 16th June 2018

The bar opens at 1pm and will be open 'till late.
Please come down to the village hall and join in the fun!
BBQ coals will be lit at 5pm. We will be supplying the salad and bread on this occasion.